With USB flash drives becoming the de facto floppy disk replacement of the late 20th century as well as early 21st century, it goes without saying that some artists have already decided to release their albums in the form of a USB flash drive in this digital age. Fast-talking songwriter Ali Spagnola intends to hype up his The Power Hour Album, and decided to release the Shot Glass USB party pack that comprises five dozen short tunes and a couple of plastic cups. This musician who hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actually spent a couple of years designing the product to expand on her audience participation by introducing “drinking game” gigs.


According to Spagnola, “I wanted to make The Power Hour an object that people would want to physically own so it would be more special than just files to download.” You are supposed to sling a lanyard around your neck, and take shots from the attached cups at the end of each tune. I am quite sure before most of us are through the album, we would have gotten drunk already, and Spagnola boasts that this is “the perfect gift for the binge drinker.” Liver, watch out!

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