Toshiba demonstrated their TransferJet technology at the recently concluded CES 2012, and just in case you have no idea on what TransferJet is all about, this is a new protocol for transferring data across devices without having to be tethered by another cable. Great, you say – another wireless protocol, which is just what we need considering there is already Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct. Wait a minute here, Toshiba’s TransferJet is the bomb simply because on paper, it can hit speeds of up to 560Mbps, making it faster compared to your average Wi-Fi network at home. Not only that, Toshiba claims that TransferJet will sip far less juice compared to Bluetooth – and if their claims hold true, it would definitely be an accomplishment to be proud of. The only thing there is left to do is to make sure the rest of the computing industry “catches up” with Toshiba – will industry players bite on TransferJet technology?

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