US Special Operations logoIt looks like the US Special operation troops will have some new toys to play with in the future. It has been reported that the soldiers will be given a new weapon that’s been named the “KIBOSH”. Designed for non-lethal purposes, the KIBOSH is a sticky bomb that doesn’t explode on impact, instead – it stays stuck on its target and releases a liquid or gas. The KIBOSH can be fired from a 40mm low velocity grenade launcher from over a distance of 150 feet, and carries the payload of a 12g Crossman CO2 cartridge.

Different sort of payloads will be used for different situations, and the KIBOSH can also be used to deploy a flash bang type material, antenna release/deployment for payloads with transmitters/receivers, trackers, or even provide visual confirmation of where the bomb hit. No word on what KIBOSH stands for, but it does sound like a suitable name for a gas-releasing bomb that doesn’t explode.

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