Machete slingshot

What do you do when the kids or crows in your neighborhood are no longer afraid of your rock pelting slingshots? You bring out the big guns of course. And by big guns I mean the machete-tossing slingshot. A hobbyist named Joerg Sprave recently came up with this hell-raising weapon, and despite being made of mostly wood, it’s going to be something you’ll have trouble bringing through airport security. This rifle shaped slingshot/crossbow hybrid weapon doesn’t fire the regular ammo you’re used to seeing being shot out of kids’ toys. It fires a real full-sized machete with such force that it looks like it’s capable of causing serious harm. Though something tells me you won’t have a lot of ammo for this weapon lying around the house, and reloading is going to be a chore. Hit the break to catch the machete slingshot in action:

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