For those unaware, the Chinese authorities have been rather busy confiscating iPads from retailers who still had them up on display, and with Proview announcing that they are looking to ban the export of iPads from China, it looks like things aren’t going well for Apple. Now it seems that adding insult to injury would be Amazon China who appears to have pulled the iPad 2 from its website.

It seems that even when searching Amazon China for the iPad returns no results for the device, only listing accessories such as screen protectors and casings, and while you can still find your way to the iPad 2 product page, it will not let you buy it and tells you that you are welcome to search for other “similar” products.

Not limited to just Amazon China, another online retailer from China, Suning, has ceased the sales of the iPad 2 as well. While Proview themselves admit that it might not be so easy to get a blanket ban on the export of iPads from China, their announcement and victory over Apple for now is apparently enough to scare retailers into action.

However fret not as Apple’s online store in China is still offering the iPad along with other retailers, so there are still other venues one might explore if they wanted to get their hands on the iPad in China.

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