About a week ago we reported that Apple might have landed themselves in a spot of trouble over in China over the iPad trademark. Well it looks like things just got more “real” as reports of Chinese authorities seizing iPads from retailers’ shops have started to surface.

According to various reports (DigiCha and China.com.cn), authorities have reportedly begun to take steps to enforce the court’s ruling by confiscating iPads from retailers. It seems that the retailers affected are those who still have the iPad up on display, which has prompted other retailers to begin removing iPads from display in order to prevent their stock from being seized by the authorities.

At the moment it has been reported that 45 iPad 2 units have been seized thus far, but apparently while the units are no longer on display, retailers will still sell them to you if you ask for it (and if they have it in stock). No word on what Apple plans to do about this as it is possible that they could face a potential fine of about $38 million from the Chinese government, while Proview themselves are asking for a compensation of up to $1.6 billion in damages.

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