Yes, we read about how Proview of China, who holds the iPad trademark in the world’s most populous country, China, intends to ban the exports of iPads out of the country yesterday. Well, here is the latest development – Reuters managed to snag an exclusive with Proview, where the Chinese technology company claims that such a blanket ban could prove difficult, if not impossible, as China’s customs authorities are not likely to have a hand in the potentially messy trademark battle. After all, the customs authorities in China informed Proview that the sheer size of the market as well as popularity level of iPads might make it very hard to impose a ban – might is right here being played out, perhaps?

What do you think will be the outcome of this legal battle? Will Proview get their way? Considering the amount of revenue that goes into China due to Apple’s manufacturing partners being based in that part of the world, I believe that the iPad will still get exported around the globe when the time comes. After all, with the iPad 3’s rumored release date being so close, it would be a real surprise if the world were to be deprived of the iPad 3 because of an export ban – or maybe Apple can rename the device to the iTablet?

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