So we have read about NASA’s cancer-detecting nanosensor which is attached to a smartphone, as well as a tiny crab-like robot that fights colon cancer from within, but here is another method to arrest one of the leading diseases of today from within – the Check-Cap. This pill sized camera needs to be swallowed before it becomes effective, so that a doctor is able to see your innards without carving you up. Not only that, the Check-Cap pill will emit radiation outside the visible spectrum (x-rays) that are able to go through soft tissue and food, resulting in the safe generation of high resolution 3D imagery, so that doctors are better able to detect the presence of colorectal cancer, if any, without the need for any cleansing beforehand. The capsule will continue to transmit information to a wrist-worn data receiver – until you defecate it out, of course. The Check-Cap pill should be on track to be introduced in the European Union later next year, assuming it has picked up all the relevant regulatory approvals beforehand.

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