salon-uvIn the past, studies did reveal the possible dangers of tanning salons, and in a new research, there was possible evidence that ultra-violet nail lamps could actually increase the risk of one getting skin cancer. The researchers did mention however that exposure to carcinogenesis remains small, although frequent exposure will definitely result in highly possible damage.

The researchers did note that “Considering the low UV-A energy exposure in an average manicure visit, multiple visits would be required to reach the threshold for potential DNA damage.” Part of the study saw researchers sample 17 light units from 16 salons which relied on a wide range of UV bulbs. The researchers did mention the presence of “notable differences” in many of the bulbs, as well as the difference of UV exposure which was imposed on the hands.

Apparently, a single dose of UV-A light could very well see an increase in a kind of cancer that has very low risk of developing in the first place, and Dr. Lyndsay shared, “Even with numerous exposures, the risk for carcinogenesis remains small. I wouldn’t tell a patient to stop going unless they were going multiple times a month.” How does this news affect our dear readers out there who do go to tanning salons and receive treatment from nail lamps?

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