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Experimental Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise In Clinical Trial
A study in Nature Medicine reveals that an experimental cancer vaccine has shown promise in a small clinical trial. Researchers at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York tested this vaccine in 11 patients with lymphoma. The results were found to be successful enough that another clinical trial was conducted last month on lymphoma patients as well as those who had breast and head-and-neck cancer.

FDA Approves First Cancer-Killing Virus
Over the past few decades substantial improvements have been made in treatment of cancer, while it’s still not possible to say that humans have finally cured cancer, work still continues in the hope that some day we will be able to achieve this aim. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has now approved the first cancer-killing virus, called talimogene laherparepvec or T-VEC (brand name Imlygic) the virus has been created to […]

Mantis Shrimps ‘See’ Cancer, Is Inspiration For New Camera
Nature is truly an inspiration for budding scientists everywhere – otherwise, how else would ordinary man get the inspiration to actually take to the skies in the past, so much so that we have been living in the jet age for quite the longest time already? Well, we have reported on how dogs are able to be trained to sniff out cancer cells, and this time around, it would be […]

UV Nail Lamps Could Increase Skin Cancer Risk
In the past, studies did reveal the possible dangers of tanning salons, and in a new research, there was possible evidence that ultra-violet nail lamps could actually increase the risk of one getting skin cancer. The researchers did mention however that exposure to carcinogenesis remains small, although frequent exposure will definitely result in highly possible damage.


Goggles Can Spot Cancer Cells
So far, my circle of friends know at least one person who is fighting cancer, and this disease has become so common that it is no longer a surprise to anyone. The thing is, the fight against cancer shows no signs of wiping out the disease completely, and detecting it can also be quite tricky. Treatment options include chemotherapy that ravages the body, or surgery in some cases – although […]

Jack Andraka Develops Cheap, Fast And Fairly Accurate Pancreatic Cancer Detection Tool That Costs $0.03
Pause for a moment and think back on how you spent your days when you were 15 years old. Most of us would still be carefree, but for Jack Andraka, he has achieved something that even adults who have strived for years have failed to do – by successfully developing a pancreatic cancer detection method that is not only fast and fairly accurate, but dirt cheap as well. We are […]

Cannabis A Cancer Cure?
Cancer is a modern day health scourge for humans, and somehow or rather, I cannot help but lay some of the blame due to the amount of chemicals that are around us as well as our consumption of processed food. Our ancestors certainly had a far lower rate of cancer compared to today, but then again, they had other stuff to worry about such as the Spanish Flu and what-not. […]

SkyBalls See ‘Giant Testicles’ Floating In The Air
I guess you can say that it is a common assumption that men tend not to like to discuss about their health with others, perhaps because there is a macho persona to protect. What is discussed even more rarely would be the health status of the family jewels, as that seems to be a no-no, even among my mates. The U.K.’s Male Cancer Awareness Campaign hopes to change such a […]

'Superformula' Rebrands Chemotherapy To Help Kids Fight Cancer
A hospital in Brazil has come up with Superformulas, which is a rebranding of chemotherapy, to help kids fight cancer.

ASCO Introduces CancerLinQ To Help Find The Cure For Cancer
Researchers and medical professionals have been attempting to find the cure for cancer for countless years, with their efforts resulting in an increased survival rate in recent years, but no real cure for the terrible disease is currently available. The American Society of Clinical Oncologists are announcing a new system that may help drastically speed up the process of finding a cure.ASCO has completed a prototype called CancerLinQ, which is […]

Italy Supreme Court: Mobile phones do cause brain tumors
The eternal debate rages on even after this landmark ruling, and I am not referring to Pepsi vs Coke or the Bird vs Johnson, or even Ali vs Foreman, but rather, do mobile phones (smartphones fall under this category too, for that matter) cause cancer in the brain or not? Italy’s Supreme Court has ruled so, citing that they found a ‘causal link’ between 60-year old businessman Innocente Marcolini’s mobile […]

Nose-like sensor array to combat cancer?
Cancer, a disease that used to be extremely rare and was deemed to be a death sentence by many, has seen advances in medical science that helped increase survival rates by leaps and bounds. Here we are with a team of chemists that has Vincent Rotello at the helm at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, working on a rapid, sensitive method of detecting microscopic levels across many different metastatic cell […]

World's fastest camera used to detect cancer cells in real time
In the world of medical technology, detecting cancer cells are extremely important to monitor and prevent metastasis – the spread of a disease from one organ  to another. However, detecting cancer cells is a difficult task. It will require a high-throughput instrument that is capable of examining millions of cells in a short span of time. That’s why a team of engineers from UCLA developed a high-throughput optical microscope that has […]

Hamilton robot capable of detecting and treating breast cancer
Cancer is considered to be a four letter word to many, and some say that it is a death sentence. Do you agree? I have had family and friends fall to the scourge of cancer over the years that passed by, and they do say that detecting cancer early enough is one of the most effective methods of stopping this disease in its tracks. Enter this Hamilton robot which is […]