While HTC’s upcoming One X phone will be packing all the latest hardware inside under a massive 4.7″ display, it looks like folks in the US won’t get to enjoy the Tegra 3 goodness of the phone if they decide to go with LTE. According to reports online, the HTC One X will be shipping with a dual-core chip in the US. This is because AT&T demands LTE in all its high-end smartphones, and at the moment there are no Tegra 3 LTE configurations. LTE modems would have to be supplied by another company, and right now Qualcomm is the leading provider of such chips. However, Qualcomm has tied its LTE modem to its own processor, which means HTC will have to use Snapdragon processors instead of the Tegra 3.


Since the non-LTE versions of the phone sold elsewhere will be featuring NVIDIA’s quad-core processor, it’s quite a predicament for consumers – do they choose a phone with purportedly higher performance but slower data or vice versa? However, NVIDIA is looking forward to rectify the situation by working with Renesas and GCT to create LTE modems for the Tegra 3. No word on when we’ll be seeing these modems alongside the Tegra 3 processor, but let’s hope it doesn’t take too long.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Would you buy a Tegra 3-less HTC One X?

Updated (6.43PM): The HTC One X hasn’t been announced for Verizon yet, article has been updated to remove confusion.

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