iBamboo UrbanWe previously covered the iBamboo natural speaker dock that was made from cut up bamboo tubes, and well if you were a fan of the idea but weren’t keen on the material you’re in luck. The folks behind the iBamboo have announced the iBamboo Urban. Using the same concept as the iBamboo, it is a speaker dock that uses nothing but acoustic technology to amplify the sound from your iOS device – no additional electronics needed. But instead of using bamboo they’ll be using recycled plastics (keeping with the whole green theme of the iBamboo).

However, the plastic material used for the iBamboo Urban is said to give a more crisp sound compared the original iBamboo which gave a warmer sound due to it being made from bamboo. At the moment iBamboo Urban is in prototyping, but when it goes on sale (in clear and solid color versions) it will cost around $29. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

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