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FS1 Air Speaker Dock Announced
Now here we are with another speaker dock that has arrived in the market, although this particular model will definitely be a hit with those who love the prancing pony as part of their exotic supercar collection. I am referring to the FS1 Air speaker dock, where this piece of consumer electronics hail from Ferrari By Logic3, who happen to be the creators of the Ferrari audio collection, and this […]

Ferrari Logic3 Scuderia FS1 Bluetooth Speaker Dock
The Ferrari Logic3 Scuderia FS1 Bluetooth Speaker Dock is no ordinary speaker dock, especially when you have the fabled prancing horse logo dancing right across it. It is said that this particular Bluetooth speaker dock was inspired by the Scuderia Ferrari racing team as well as the GT car’s innovative lines, creases and curves. It will burn a $549 hole in your pocket (and no rubber on the asphalt), boasting […]

Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock priced
Remember Samsung’s sleek-looking DA-E750 Audio Dock with Vacuum Tube Amplifier that was announced a couple of months ago? It is touted as the world’s first docking system to use Samsung’s hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology and supports Galaxy S smartphones as well as iOS device. Well if you’re keen on picking up one for yourself, you better start saving up your money because it’s been priced at $800. No word […]

iBamboo Urban is made from recycled plastic
We previously covered the iBamboo natural speaker dock that was made from cut up bamboo tubes, and well if you were a fan of the idea but weren’t keen on the material you’re in luck. The folks behind the iBamboo have announced the iBamboo Urban. Using the same concept as the iBamboo, it is a speaker dock that uses nothing but acoustic technology to amplify the sound from your iOS […]


SOLO Zikmu Parrot, Designed by Philippe Starck
[CES 2012] SOLO Zikmu is the latest addition in the Parrot Zikmu wireless speaker line designed by Philippe Starck. Zikmu was introduced at CES 2010 and comprises two towers, the SOLO Zikmu offers a single single wireless speaker equipped with a dedicated iPod / iPhone docking station with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, the SOLO Zikmu delivers 360 degree sound, the product will be available in 2012 for an undisclosed […]

Samsung Audio Dock with Vacuum Tube Amplifier DA-E750 announced
Samsung has just announced the launch of a new audio docking system designed to play audio from your mobile devices. First up we have the Samsung Audio Dock with Vacuum Tube Amplifier – touted as the world’s first docking system to use Samsung’s hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology and support Galaxy S smartphones as well as iOS devices (surprising when you take into account the ongoing legal battles between Apple […]

iLuv announces ArtStation Pro for Samsung Galaxy tablets
iLuv has typically made products such as speaker docks for iOS devices, such as for the iPad and the iPhone. Well perhaps in an attempt at showing Android some love and broadening their customer base, iLuv has announced what they’re claiming is the “world’s first” audio dock for Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Behringer unveils iNuke Boom iOS dock capable of 10,000 Watts output
If the sound from iOS speaker docks that are currently available in the market leave you less than impressed, come CES 2012 Behringer will unveil the iNuke Boom speaker dock for iOS devices. As the name implies, it will be one heck of a speaker dock, although given its asking price, its name could also be referring to that as well.

Bose IQ multiple device docking concept will be great for house parties
The thing about throwing a house party is that inevitably there will be someone who hates the music. So instead of continuously swapping out MP3 players for different songs, design Jason Farsai has come up with a speaker dock concept that should accommodate just about everyone’s taste in music.

Onkyo CS-345 CD Mini System plays CDs and your iPods
While using physical media to listen to music is becoming less and less common these days, there still are a large number of folks with CDs that they aren’t willing to throw away yet. It looks like Onkyo recognizes this issue and has come up with a solution in the form of the Onkyo CS-345 CD Mini System. In addition to acting as a dock for your iPhone/iPod, it has […]

JBL OnBeat Xtreme speaker dock available now
Remember the OnBeat iPad speaker dock from JBL that was released earlier this year? Well, it looks like JBL has decided to release a sequel to the funky looking speaker dock. This time around it’s called the OnBeat Xtreme and features a significant update: A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profile support for interference-free operating and higher-quality AAC codec for superior audio streaming. This opens up the OnBeat Xtreme to a whole […]

Speakal mi-Soccer docking station gives 360-degrees of sound
If you own an iOS device, you’re a fan of soccer and you’re looking for a speaker dock to put your phone in, you can’t go wrong with Speakal’s latest creation, the mi-Soccer docking station speaker. This ball shaped speaker dock gives you a slot to place your iPhone or iPod touch to charge and to amplify the audio coming from the phone.What’s special about the mi-Soccer is its ability […]

Passive wooden iPhone speaker dock
If you’re in the market for a pair of speakers for your iPhone, but have yet to find one that sits well with the rest of the decor in your house, perhaps these passive wooden iPhone speakers might be something worth checking out.

MegaPhone iPhone speaker dock doesn't use electricity
Sometimes the simplest solutions can be just as effective are more complicated ones, like in the case of en&is’ MegaPhone. This speaker dock for the iPhone amplifies the audio coming out of your iOS device without using any electricity. It’s built in a shape that’s similar to a gramophone, with a small opening for you to place your iPhone in (speakers facing downwards) – and that’s it. There’s no 30-pin […]

JBL OnBeat Air now available
Remember the JBL OnBeat speaker dock introduced earlier this year? Well, JBL has now decided to launch a successor to the speaker dock. Called the JBL OnBeat Air, it does everything the previous OnBeat does, and a little more. In addition to charging your iOS devices, the OnBeat Air can stream music from them via Apple’s AirPlay technology or through a 30-pin dock connector. Other than the additional AirPlay support, […]

Speakal iKurv iPhone speaker dock looks futuristic
Tired of all the similar, boring-looking iPhone/iPod docks available on the market? Well the folks over at Speakal (the company behind the iHog) have come up with a new dock that can spice up the décor of any room. Called the iKurv, this iPod/iPhond docking station speaker system features two large speakers connected in a tube, with an adjustable glowing blue stripe that’s reminiscent of some futuristic-looking spaceship.The iKurv delivers […]

Speakal iHog iPhone speaker dock is cute
Looking for a new accessory to spice up your dull living room? Speakal, a lifestyle-oriented home entertainment company has just launched a new speaker dock for iPhones and iPods called the iHog (yes it is the successor to the iPig). Designed in the shape of a cute pig, with speakers in place of its eyes, the iHog is a fully functional and attractive looking device (I guess that also depends […]

Angry Birds Speaker Dock
What’s downloaded more than 350 million times and costs $1.5 billion in productivity losses? The answer is pretty simple – we’re talking about Rovio’s hugely successful Angry Birds gaming franchise which has seen it appear across numerous platforms from smartphones to tablets. Most kids would most probably love those upset avians, but what about them green porkers who stand no chance of fighting back? Why, some of them wear a […]

Altec Lansing iMT630 iPhone/iPod speaker dock
Altec Lansing, a company known for their speakers, has recently unveiled a speaker dock targeted at the iPhone and the iPod. While this isn’t a speaker dock for audiophiles, given its relatively affordable price and its bright colors, it ought to attract those who prefer form over function.

AeroDreamOne iOS speaker dock is 11-feet tall
There are iPhone speaker docks, and then there are iPhone speaker docks like Jean Michel Jarre’s 11-foot tall AeroDreamOne iOS speaker dock. Yes, you read that right, an iPhone speaker dock that’s 11-feet tall! The bad news is that if you were hoping to get this for your living room, not only would you require a really high ceiling, but you would also require about $560,000 to pay for it.