For those of you who are wearing prescription glasses at the moment, take stock of the situation and be thankful – there are countless millions out there in developing countries who cannot afford a pair of glasses to remedy their poor eyesight, leaving them at a serious disadvantage at the same time. Well, enter the pair of liquid filled glasses, where a $2 scope is attached to a smartphone which will help in testing one for vision defects. Having received the results, setting up a new adjustable liquid silicon eyeglass known as Adspecs is a cinch. There will be two pumps attached to the glasses which will fill a pair of plastic lenses with silicon oil until the desired shape is formed, correcting a patient’s vision at the same time. Screws will be used to tighten and lock the lens shape into place. Once done, just remove the pumps and tubing, and you end up with a standard pair of glasses which works just as well as those prescription pair that you need to wait for a few days at your regular optometrist. Hooray for progress!

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