jins-eyewear-usa-store-sf-04JINS Eyewear is the leading eyewear brand in Japan and we were invited to its flagship store opening in San Francisco on Thursday night, just as it said late last year. Located in Union Square, the 4,900 feet first US-based store officially opened to the public yesterday, April 10 2015,  at 11 am. In Asia, JINS has shaken the corrective eye-wear market by offering high-quality glasses that are very affordable and ready in as little as 30mn.

JINS offers more than 1200 different styles eyewear and most importantly, with a prescription, your glasses (non-progressive lenses) can be made on the spot in 30 minutes, thanks to the Kanna robot! Kanna makes up to 63 glasses an hour and each pair only costs between $60 and $120! See Kanna in action:

Kanna is at the back of the store.

Kanna is at the back of the store.

Since glasses with progressive lenses require a more complex manufacturing process, they are more expensive and they will be made outside the store in about one week.

The Japanese brand is also pretty innovative, it came to CES in Las Vegas with the JINS MEME connected glasses which detect eye movements and blinks, allowing the device to prevent you to fall asleep at the wheel. Third party developers will be able to take advantage of the eye tracking technology and the open platform, other applications may include gaming.We tried to get an official release date for the MEME, unfortunately no official words was shared on that side.

Get your glasses in 3-steps, under 30mn

Get your glasses in 3-steps, under 30mn

With over 330 stores in Japan and China, JINS is known to provide high quality and stylish prescription and nonprescription glasses for an affordable price.

At the event, we met a number of top executives from JINS HQ and JINS U.S and we saw the Kanna robot in action. Additionally, we had fun trying a lots of different elegant glasses. The idea behind the concept is to allow people to be able to match their eyewear with their different outfits without breaking the bank.

Some of us (geeks) who don’t need corrective lenses have been interested by the Jins PC for hackers which is designed to increase the eye comfort (there’s Jins Moisture too).

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