People may not agree on a lot of things, which we certainly learned through our various stories covering the launch of the PlayStation 4 and upcoming launch of the Xbox One, but we’re sure there’s one thing we can agree on: we want medical professionals to easily find our veins. When you need to open up your veins to either get blood work done or to have an IV put in, medical professionals can only get better the more they practice. But with a new wearable trans-dermal imaging system, finding veins on a patient may may be extremely easy.

The Eyes-On Glasses System is a product from Evena Medical that combines their own proprietary multi-spectral 3D imaging technology with Espon’s Moverio smart glasses. The combination makes the Eyes-On Glasses System able to allow medical professionals to see a patient’s veins that are hiding underneath their skin in real time.

“Studies have shown that up to 40% of IV starts require multiple attempts to locate and access a vein, which not only wastes valuable nursing time but also delays therapy and causes patient discomfort and dissatisfaction,” said Frank Ball, Evena Medical President and CEO. “With Evena’s Eyes-On Glasses, nurses can quickly and easily locate and access the best veins for each patient – even in challenging clinical environments such as pediatric or neonatal units.”

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