Remember the old days when computer mice had trackballs? Yeah, you had to remove the dirt from the rollers within from time to time, otherwise the sensitivity ruins your gaming mojo. Optical technology was just catching on, and the best part of it was, you need not clean the insides of your mouse any more (not to mention the entire mouse ended up being a whole lot lighter sans trackball within). Still, most optical mice fail when it comes to a smooth, glossy surface, including that of glass. Not so these days, with the M-TG01DL series mouse from Japan that can even track on glass with its laser sensor.


Sporting 5-buttons, this particular mouse also keeps up with the times by sporting an ultra-thin compact receiver, where it is so flat that you can always leave the receiver plugged into the notebook’s USB port without worrying about it breaking off should the notebook happen to be in for a rough ride. Of course, if you are not too comfortable with that idea, you can always leave the receiver in the mouse itself – so that it won’t get lost. Definitely one of the better designed computer mice out there in the market.

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