Mac and iOS users are probably familiar with the cacophony of sounds that are emitted from their devices – for example there are different sounds for messages, emails, the keyboard, startup sounds, iChat, Mail, unlocking the phone, locking the phone, camera shutter sounds, etc. While you may never have given those sounds much thought, Chris Crutchfield has which resulted in a music video based on the various sounds from Mac and iOS devices.


Of course not all of the sounds in the video comes from Mac or iOS devices, but the majority of them are, with the aid of external sounds (such as the knocking on the door) for percussive effects. The music was composed using both Logic and Reason, while the video itself was edited using Final Cut Pro X. It is a pretty interesting idea and video, and to a certain extent it’s kind of scary when you realized just how many notifications we are bombarded with on a daily basis! Enjoy!

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