Heads up scientists/researchers, it looks like Olympus has introduced a new type of microscope with the Opto-Digital Microscope DSX series that the company recently launched in Japan. It supposedly is the industry’s first to fully integrate the use of the microscope with a touch screen monitor.

If you’ve never really operated a microscope before, the Opto-Digital Microscope DSX appears to be rather user-friendly. It seems that all the user would have to do is place the sample on the stage, and subsequent operations will be conducted via the touch screen display. This includes the magnification, focusing, centering and measurement of the sample, after which a report can be generated based on the findings of the sample used.

Check out the video above for a more detailed explanation on what Olympus has planned for their DSX series of microscopes. The microscopes are currently available in Japan and throughout Asia, but fret not as Olympus has plans to eventually release them in Europe and America at a later date.

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