Samsung has worked on a new remote control that will feature voice recognition capability as well as a built-in touch pad, and this remote control will be up on offer as an accessory for a smart TV which is in line for a commercial release later this year. As for the voice recognition function on this remote, it is the same as the one used for the ES8000 Smart TV which we talked about earlier this morning, having made its worldwide sales debut in South Korea. Thanks to the touch pad and voice recognition function working in tandem with one another, the total number of buttons on the remote can be further reduced to streamline the entire process. You can soon alter a wide range of settings on the TV, look up something on the Internet via a search engine, among others using nothing but the touch pad that is located on the upper part of the remote.

Apart from that, if you want to change channels and alter the sound volume, just fiddle around with the sides of the touch pad and it will respond accordingly – doing away with the need to look at the keys. When you speak to the microphone that is embedded in the remote, you can change channels or sound volume, as well as perform other tasks such as character input. Transmission and reception between the remote and the TV is done via Bluetooth and infrared communication simultaneously. No idea on how much this will cost though.

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