You know, video conferences are no longer something as simple as sitting in front of your webcam, while making sure you do not get up from your seat because you do not want to be caught in a situation where your colleagues see you as wearing only half a suit. Skype has been a game changer where live video conferences are concerned, aided by the ever faster bandwidth which we enjoy these days, of course. One of the latest features of Skype for Windows (version 5.8) would be the introduction of the Group Screen Sharing feature – where as its name suggests, you can now share your photos and presentations with your contacts in a video conversation.

This sharing process will work in a presentation with up to 10 people. max, and Group Screen Sharing is available only with Skype Premium. Of course, when you have Skype Premium, it would also mean lumping together Group video calling and live chat customer support. Anyone out there in an enterprise situation who is mulling over the idea of upgrading the office’s machines to cater for Skype for Windows 5.8 now? [Press Release]

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