The TV business is a cut-throat one, and with South Korean companies seemingly having the upper hand against the Japanese, it is not surprising to see some players drop out of the game. Sony themselves as a company on the whole are struggling lately, no thanks to a spate of hacking scandals that happened in 2011, discouraging sales figures and more recently, an announcement of a regime change at the top as Kazuo Hirai is promoted to group CEO from April 2012 onwards. Well, at least Sony has one area that might prove to be their saving grace, coming in the form of the “Road To Zero” environmental plan which was recently announced. Going through with this initiative would turn the company into the world’s first manufacturer to use 99% recycled material in it’s products, now how about that for being green?

To do so, Sony has come up with their very own plastic known as “SoRPlas” (Sony Recycled Plastic). It will contain approximately 10-30% of recycled plastic, and the process will see Sony reduce its CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process by around 80%, and we can expect to see SoRPlas in their range of products like LCD TVs and digital cameras among others. The plastic itself is composed of waste optical sheets and optical discs, hence the title of this post. Would such a company policy lead you to purchase Sony products down the road?

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