Apple Recovered $40 Million Worth Of Gold From Recycling Efforts

Going green is cool – very cool, which is why there has been so much effort done by various quarters to ensure that we have an earth that is habitable enough to live in down the road. As for tech giant Apple, the company’s commendable efforts in recycling has allowed it to actually recover a whopping 2,204 pounds of gold from old devices, which is worth approximately $40 million on […]

Apple To Drop Use Of Plastic Bags Starting April 15

Apple has always prided themselves as being an environmentally-friendly company. Every product they make they love pointing out how green it is, in the sense that it uses fewer toxic chemicals, how their data farms are powered by solar energy, and so on. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that starting 15th April, Apple will be phasing out the use of plastic bags.

Abandoned Shipyard Gains New Lease Of Life

There are always different and creative methods to ensure that our earth remains habitable for the next generation. For instance, Japan has taken steps to transform defunct golf courses into massive solar farms, and over in Poland, the once famous Gdańsk Shipyard is in a sad state, where it is full of empty buildings and abandoned rail lines, which is a vast difference from its heyday. Polish architecture students Tomasz […]

E-Waste Recycled, Delivers Power In Second Life

IBM Research India which is based in Bangalore intends to make sure that discarded lithium laptop batteries will be able to live out a second life – not only does this mean that landfills will have clutter in them, but their cells would be repurposed in order to serve as energy supplies for those who live without being connected to the grid. This particular idea has already passed a small […]


Apple Brings Recycling Effort To All Its Stores

We know that Apple has always been a very environmentally-conscious company. Greenpeace has given Apple their approval regarding how green their data centers are, but it seems Apple is not stopping there. They have recently taken steps to ensure their data centers will be even more green than ever, and have recently announced a new program that will allow Apple customers to send back old products to any Apple Store […]

This concept gadget will turn your waste paper into pencils

Recycling seems to be the buzzword these days and if you’ve got a stack of papers lying around that you’d rather not just throw away, here’s an interesting way to recycle them. Chinese industrial designers Chengzhu Ruan, Yuanyuan Liu, Xinwei Yuan and Chao Chen have come up with an interesting concept that will take your pile of papers (printing errors, memos no longer applicable, etc.) and feed them into the […]

Concept machine recycles scrap paper into a pencil

“Revenge of the scrap paper” should make for a more interesting name for such a device, don’t you think so? I am referring to this conceptual idea that relies on you to feed it with scrap paper, where it will eventually use all that scrap paper and process it into a pencil so that you can write on more paper and turning them into scrap, hence perpetually creating a seemingly […]

Fujitsu recycles CDs and DVDs into notebooks

The next time you pick up a Fujitsu notebook, you might want to take a second look at the notebook’s chassis – chances are pretty high that your spanking new notebook just played a part in saving the earth, as it is made out of recycled CDs and DVDs, thanks to the efforts of Fujitsu Group recycling centers that have managed to find a far more useful application for what […]

Honda plans to recycle its hybrid vehicles’ batteries to reclaim rare-earth metals

Hybrid vehicles have been designed to not only be fuel-efficient, but due to its fuel-efficiency, hybrid vehicles will ultimately consume less fuel and reduce carbon emissions. As environmentally-friendly as it is, Honda is looking to take things to the next level by announcing that they will begin recycling the rare-earth metals from the nickel-metal hydride batteries that are used in its hybrid vehicles. According to Honda, work on reclaiming the […]

Animals sculpted from old CDs

Recycling is always a good idea, especially in this day and age where we have a higher degree of environmental awareness. Well, just what are some of the steps that we can take to minimize our carbon footprint? Apart from taking public transport, purchasing organic foodstuff, drive an electric car, we can also look for new avenues to reuse waste in different and creative methods. Case in point, artist Sean […]

Sony recycles old DVDs into new TVs

The TV business is a cut-throat one, and with South Korean companies seemingly having the upper hand against the Japanese, it is not surprising to see some players drop out of the game. Sony themselves as a company on the whole are struggling lately, no thanks to a spate of hacking scandals that happened in 2011, discouraging sales figures and more recently, an announcement of a regime change at the […]

EcoATM offers cash in return for your old phone

Going green is the way to go, so why not find some way in making money out of this movement? The EcoATM says it all – this startup intends to assist everyday folks in reducing electronic waste while giving them money. Basically, you trade in your old phone for some dough, but this time around, going green gets you some green literally in your pockets. The entire process takes no […]

Drought pushes Texas residents to drink (recycled) pee

According to the latest reports online, folks living in Texas right now are experiencing record-breaking, scorching hot weather and that’s not the worst part: they also have the drought to deal with. Apparently it’s so bad that Texans have been driven to drink their own pee just to survive – at least that’s what the citizens of Big Spring are doing anyway. Fortunately, it’s not what you think.

Motherboard Gifts recycles technology in effort to save the earth

The world’s population is already going to touch the 7 billion population mark – now that is certainly an achievement to be proud of, but one thing’s for sure – are we consuming or wasting too many resources that we might end up destroying the planet due to our selfishness? Motherboard Gifts has an idea to help convert technology into gift items that aren’t tacky, but rather, pleasant to the […]