One of the busiest train stations in Japan is located in Shinagawa, and that is where an interesting Minority Report style advertisement has generated quite a buzz. In this ad, the main character featured is part of a Suntory advertisement for black oolong tea, that advertises purported health benefits. What makes this particular character more compelling to look at (or creepy, depending on how you perceive the situation), would be that his eyes seem to follow each and every passerby.

This is not some sort of ancient black magic or modern sorcery, but a plain optical illusion that is generated by carefully creating the characters face with a concave shape, similar to how what looking into a bowl is like. Guaranteed to send chills down the spine of some, you can check out the video of the ad in effect above. Hopefully, we are able to look into the effectiveness of such an advertisement to see whether it is able to help Suntory sell more tea.

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