You know those fancy emoticons that have lost their simplicity of yore? Well, the advent of the smartphone with different instant messaging programs as well as operating systems have led to many an iteration of the smiley group of emoticons, but here is a new twist. Twikao is an iPhone app that was developed by Takuto Onishi from Japan, where this app attempts to transform just about any portrait into an emoticon. All you need to do is snap a reasonably clear portrait of yourself (or someone else), and the Twikao app will get to work right away, analyzing the facial expression that results in a special emoticon afterwards. It needs to recognize expressions which range from happy to joyous, excited, sad, angry, crying and cute in order to digitize and interpret it correctly. Twikao ditches tradition, and boasts of more than 100 elaborate emoticons, where users can share them on Twitter afterwards. Even better yet is this – the Twikao app is free! Now, how do you beat that?

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