We have seen our fair share of desktop toys that come in the form of USB-powered missile launchers, where foam missiles are sent in the direction of your annoying colleagues. Trust the Japanese to come up with something ever zanier – this unique USB-powered desktop toy that comes with a quartet of “guns”, where you can always have a pack of beans ready nearby as ammunition. This is far more hygienic compared to shooting peas from a sturdy plastic straw as there is no saliva that gets involved, and you can use the included software to take aim. Compressed air will make sure the beans stay in place, and you adjust the firing angle from the device’s camera on your computer monitor.


So far, the range has been tested to be around 5 meters thereabouts, and you can always mute the computer to get rid of the firing sound as well as audible warnings. Needless to say, the heavier the bean, the shorter the range, not to mention gravity having a say in the bean’s travel arc. The office cleaning lady is definitely not going to be too happy with the floor if everyone in the office has one of these, and you engage in a free-for-all. [Translated Page]

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