Our watches have managed to evolve from being mere time pieces to being fashion statements. If sci-fi is your thing, or maybe you have a rave party you intend to attend, then the V-BL47 LED/LCD watch concept could be a watch you wish was actually real.

Designed as a collaborative effort between Heather Sable and Samuel Jerichow, the story behind this watch is a rather interesting one. Supposedly based on “Blutonian technology” from a Blutonian space ship that crashed landed on Earth back in 1947, this is pretty much where the V-BL47 watch got its inspiration from.

The watch will utilize a combination of LED and LCD, with the always-on LCD blocking out the areas of the display used to tell the time, while the LED would be used to illuminate those areas from behind, and at the same time will be used to provide the glowing strips of light around the watch.

The good news is that if you’d like to see this watch being made a reality, it’s currently up at Tokyo Flash’s website, so if you’d like to learn more about this “Blutonian technology” or vote to have this watch made, head on over to Tokyo Flash.

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