We have covered Lumus See-through Wearable AR Display at CES, and the company showed a new optical engine at MWC, a super-sleek version that enables discreet see-through wearable display. The OE-31 can be now integrated in regular glasses, such as the sunglasses with embedded MP3 player in the picture below (the Lumus OE-31 display is mounted on the left side).

Lumus OE-31 emebedded in existing sunglasses with MP3 Player
Basically this technology adds an image layer with a nHD resolution (640 x 360 pixels) on top of what you see through your glasses, this could be particularly practical for athletes who could get information such as speed, cadence, lap time, heart rate, competitive info and more while running or biking.

Plugged to a smartphone, it could be used to watch a video or see images/screens from a software specifically designed for the technology, we might see more interesting applications when various consumer products will be introduced to the market and when developers get their hands on the SDK. We can easily imagine the Lumus OE-31 embedded in motorcycle or biking helmets, ski goggles, or sports glasses.

Lumus is currently working with various OEM but the company could not disclosed specific names. Check the video below to see what a user could see with the OE-31.

  • Display format     nHD 640 x 360 pixels
  • Field of View    19°
  • Virtual screen size    Equivalent of 40″ screen at 10 ft away; 400″ at 100 ft away
  • Eye motion box    10 x 8 mm
  • Display color    Full color
  • Transparency     >78%
  • Brightness     >1,000 FtL
  • Contrast ratio    >250:1
  • Eye relief     18 mm
  • Weight    10g
  • LOE thickness    1.6 mm

Display format 

nHD 640 x 360 pixels 

Field of View


Virtual screen size

Equivalent of 40″ screen at 10 ft away; 400″ at 100 ft away

Eye motion box

10 x 8 mm

Display color

Full color 




>1,000 FtL

Contrast ratio


Eye relief 

18 mm



LOE thickness

1.6 mm

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