Apple’s interest in augmented reality technology is no secret. Quite a bit of it has been built into iOS, and Apple has also worked with various companies and developers to create augmented reality-based apps. There have also been rumors suggesting that Apple could actually be in the process of building their own AR headset.

This is why it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to learn that in a report from AppleInsider, it seems that Apple had sent some representatives incognito at CES 2019 which took place earlier this month. Apparently these representatives met up with various AR suppliers for meetings. While we don’t know who they met with, AppleInsider’s report notes that some waveguide suppliers such as DigiLens, Vuzix, Lumus, and WaveOptics were present at the expo.

Of course exactly what became of these meetings is anyone’s guess. For all we know, Apple could have simply been looking to see what is available and nothing could have come from it. AppleInsider notes that this is not the first time that the company has held similar meetings, and that the company had actually similar meetings at CES 2018.

It will be interesting to see what Apple can come up with in terms of an AR headset. We’ve seen other companies such as Google try, but Google Glass was not met with much success (mostly amongst tech enthusiasts, less so with the public). If the rumors are true, this rumored headset could make its debut next year.

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