lumus-dk-40Wearable technology is definitely an upcoming trend. In fact it seems that Google should probably starting trying to get Google Glass into the hands of consumers ASAP because with each growing day, a new competitor emerges with an alternative.

We’re not sure how many of you guys are familiar with the company Lumus, but they’re the company behind providing heads-up display units that are attached to the flight helmets for pilots flying the F16 fighter jet, and now it seems that the company is interested in bringing some of its military-grade technology into smart glasses.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Lumus because in the past, the company has debuted its technology at events and companies like Meta have integrated Lumus’ technology into their products as well.

According to the company, they have created a new system in which they have managed to place an Android computer into the camera on the glasses which will be able to handle gestures and even has the ability to display map data on the ground in front of the user, which we guess would make them feel like Tony Stark interacting with J.A.R.V.I.S.

Lumus will be making their technology available to OEMs who will need a computer, a pair of frames, and a power source to turn all of it into a pair of smart glasses.

Unfortunately while all of this sounds really cool, Lumus has no timeframe in which they expect smart glasses using their technology to arrive in the market, but given how much the Meta Pro glasses are priced ($3,650 for those who are wondering), safe to say it will not be cheap.

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