A-Tech Fabrication HeatSync 1200 Ultra-Slim mini-PCThere are quite a lot of fanless mini-PCs available on the market these days, but A-Tech Fabrication’s new model, the HeatSync 1200 Ultra-Slim has something to differentiate it from the rest. It features an optional iPhone docking station which you can use to dock your iPhone or iPod as opposed to having to connect a USB cable to the device (and wasting one precious USB slot in the process).

Other than that its specs are what you’d expect: a passively cooled design, mSATA SSD integrated into the mainboard, large aluminum fins, integrated voltage regulator, fanless external AC power adaptor, and measures 355 x 219 x 35mm. You can purchase it just as a case alone or as a complete system, with specs such as an Intel Core i3-2100 Sandy Bridge 2.5GHz CPU, 4-8GB of RAM, 40-80GB SSD, WiFi adapter, USB ports and more. Prices start at $1449.

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