A number of Android-powered mini-PCs have arrived in the market recently. These PCs feature the bare minimum hardware and are small and light, hence the name mini-PC. Many of these are powered up with ARM chipsets, specifically the AllWinner A10 ARM A8 chipset.

Until now, most of these offerings feature up to 512 MB of RAM which is fairly adequate for a PC of this size. However, a new AllWinner A10-powered machine has taken the ante a bit high on the RAM offerings by featuring 1GB of DDR3 RAM.

This machine packs an ARM Cortex A8 processor and is a successor to an earlier, more modest, version which features 512 MB of RAM. Other features are fairly similar between the two, including 8GB NAND memory, the option of extending the space through an SD memory card slot and two USB ports.

The new version also features an HDMI output and comes with a wireless remote control. It runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich right out-of-the-box. However, most mini-PCs are used by programmers to test their hands at Linux, so we assume that running Linux on this mini-PC shouldn’t be a problem either.

This is probably a first in the ARM-powered mini-PC market featuring 1GB of RAM. And we expect that other mini-PCs may also take the bar higher on the RAM they feature, following in the footsteps of this AllWinner A10 machine. This Media PC is available for purchase and you can lay your hands on it for a fair $110 here.

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