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Zotac Magnus EN970 Mini PC Packs A Punch
A mini PC is definitely something that many of us could make do with, especially when we take into consideration the kind of cramped spaces in which we live in these days. It is all about maximizing what we have at the moment, and hence, if a mini PC packs the punch of a regular desktop, all the better. Zotac knows this, which is why they have come up with […]

Mr.NUC V6 Mini PC Kit
Now here is a tiny little computing kit that will make you smile at its compact form factor – the Mr.NUC V6, where it will retail for $299 a pop, running on an Intel Core i3 Haswell processor to boot. It does look as though there does not seem to have any kind of shortage of small desktop computers at this point in time, where some models will run on […]

GULEEK i8 Is A Compact Desktop Machine
What happens when one makes use of the innards of an extremely affordable Windows tablet, and having placed them into a pocket-sized, screenless chassis? Why, you end up with an extremely portable, low-power desktop machine. If there is one thing that those devices lack, it would be a battery, but such a setup is not what the new GULEEK i8 would come with, since it will be accompanied by a […]

ECS LIVA Mini PC To Feature Pre-loaded Windows 8.1
Where gadget lovers are concerned, picking up a new piece of consumer electronics is more often than not a cause for celebration, and a whole lot of it depends on one’s perspective. If you happen to be in the market for a new and small PC kit that does not cost a bomb, and yet offers some rather decent performance, then the ECS LIVA Mini PC looks as though it […]


AllWinner A10 ARM-Powered Mini-PC Arrives
A number of Android-powered mini-PCs have arrived in the market recently. These PCs feature the bare minimum hardware and are small and light, hence the name mini-PC. Many of these are powered up with ARM chipsets, specifically the AllWinner A10 ARM A8 chipset.Until now, most of these offerings feature up to 512 MB of RAM which is fairly adequate for a PC of this size. However, a new AllWinner A10-powered […]

Giada i53 is one power packed mini PC not to be trifled with
At one glance, the Giada i53 might not seem as though it can amount up to much, but in reality, this is a compact PC that sports an Ivy Bridge processor inside, coupled with a high performance GPU not to mention a wide range of connectivity that caters for office and home applications. I suppose it is not capable of handling all the high powered graphics found in many of […]

A-Tech Fabrication HeatSync 1200 Ultra-Slim mini-PC has an iPhone dock
There are quite a lot of fanless mini-PCs available on the market these days, but A-Tech Fabrication’s new model, the HeatSync 1200 Ultra-Slim has something to differentiate it from the rest. It features an optional iPhone docking station which you can use to dock your iPhone or iPod as opposed to having to connect a USB cable to the device (and wasting one precious USB slot in the process).Other than […]

Giada F100 is a mini PC with a fanless design
JEHE, a Chinese company, has announced their latest offering, extending their Giada series of nettops through the introduction of the F100 mini PC. For those who use their computers mainly for surfing the web, word processing and playing songs, this is the target market that JEHE is aiming for with the F100, although at this point in time there is no word on how much it will cost.

SAPPHIRE EDGE-HD2 mini PC is the size of a paperback book
Looking to clear the space on your desk with a new computer that doesn’t take up so much space? You could always get an all-in-one computer that takes up the foot print of your monitor. But what if you already have a nice monitor that’s in perfect condition and you don’t want to replace it anytime soon? Well, that’s where the SAPPHIRE EDGE-HD2 comes in. Granted you don’t need those […]

Habey offers Post It-sized computer
Habey has introduced its latest Intel Atom-powered computer that is really, really small. How small, you ask? Well, we are looking at a Post It size, and yet despite its diminutive outlook, it is capable of displaying dual full screen HD video – which just goes to show you should not judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a computer’s capabilities by its size. The E6XX Tunnel […]

Shuttle X350 ups the ante for slim mini PCs
Shuttle’s X350 is said to set the benchmark when it comes to high performance mini PCs which don’t take up too much space on your desk or workspace at all. Measuring Being smaller than its predecessors, it is no pushover when it comes to performance, measuring a mere 1.5″ thin that lets you mount it behind a flat panel display. Apart from that, the X350 will run silently since it […]

My Ripple Look Family 45FC mini PC
Folks living in South Korea will be able to check out the red wine-colored crystal chassis of the My Ripple Look Family 45FC mini PC. This small machine that could will definitely find a place in any living room, featuring the ability to deliver high-resolution videos and 3D games without missing a beat thanks to some decent hardware within such as Intel’s latest Dual Core processor, 2GB RAM, a 2.5″ […]

Shuttle SA76G2 Mini PC
Shuttle is back with another barebones mini PC dubbed the SA76G2, where it holds the distinction of being the first barebones product which will support AMD socket AM3 processors courtesy of its 760G chipset, and that includes the Phenom II as well as original Phenom, Athlon 64 X2, Athlon 64 and Sempron CPUs. Other features include a couple of DDR2 DIMM slots that can accommodate up to 8GB RAM, and […]

ViewSonic PC Mini VOT530
ViewSonic doesn’t only make LCD monitors, they are also now diving into the lucrative world of nettops – OK, so maybe the profit margin isn’t exactly the best in the world, but their latest addition would be the ViewSonic PC mini VOT530. This nettop manages to cram in a DVD drive, where it is able to nestle under the HDTV thanks to its 50mm × 165mm x 165mm dimensions. Other […]