While it seems unlikely that we will be seeing a next-generation Xbox revealed by Microsoft this year, MS Nerd has come forward with a new leak that they claim was revealed to them by an insider regarding a possible launch of an Xbox Lite at E3 which will be happening in a few months’ time. So what exactly does an Xbox Lite entail? Well if the information is to be believed, the Xbox Lite would be a revision of the current Xbox that would be powered by an ARM-based processor which would retail for around $100.

Microsoft has revealed that they are not planning to show off any new next-generation hardware at E3 this year, so technically this would not really be considered next-gen, but rather a revision of sorts. In any case, the insider also revealed that the rumored Xbox Lite would go on sale in 2013 prior to the release of Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox. Perhaps the affordable $100 price tag is meant to entice users onto the Xbox platform and encourage them to upgrade to the next-gen Xbox when it is released, but until more concrete evidence has been uncovered, we will be taking this with a grain of salt for now and suggest that you do the same.

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