I am not quite sure how crazy the world has become these days, but one thing is for sure – we are getting more and more violent over petty issues. Take for instance, the murders brought about by a “de-friending” in Facebook, and now we have a man known as Mr. Feng who murdered a dealer who dealt with fake iPhones. Mr. Feng thought he had the next best thing since sliced bread in his hand, but after realizing that he was duped, he decided to bring his kitchen knife with him to the plaza while searching for the conman. After several days of search that resulted in nothing, Mr. Feng ran into a different group of fake cellphone dealers. A heated dispute begun, and in a frenzy of rage, Feng stabbed one of them to death with the same kitchen knife. Surely there has to be a better way to deal with such an issue of counterfeits, and hopefully Mr. Feng will be brought to book for his actions, and so too, will the counterfeiters.


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