If you’re a fan of avant-garde art such as Cubism popularized by Pablo Picasso, then you might be interested in taking a look at this Picasso watch designed by Heather (USA) and Peter (UK) which seems to have been inspired by the artist, while at the same time paying tribute to his work. As the rendering above might have implied, telling the time via the Picasso watch will not be easy as upon first glance it looks rather abstract although it is a feature we’re guessing art lovers might be able to appreciate.

However once you figure out how the watch depicts the time, reading it will be a piece of cake. The hours are read from top to bottom, while the minutes are read left to right, with each number represented with a symbol of its own. The watch will utilize an LCD display that will feature a backlight that can be activated in low-light places, and will come in a variety of different colors. More photos are available at Tokyo Flash, so head on over if you’d like to leave the designers a comment or to rate its design.

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