One of the drawbacks to playing a beta of a game is that you will not get full access to what the game has to offer, but in this particular case, it looks like Diablo 3 beta testers might have gotten more than they have bargained for. A bug within the beta granted players access to several locked out areas of Act 1, namely the Festering Woods, the Fields of Misery and the Drowned Temple. Each of the locked out zones was fully playable and were abundant with new monsters and content for players to sink their teeth into.

Unfortunately Blizzard quickly caught wind of this bug and promptly pulled the beta servers to fix this issue. Lucky for us, some gamers had the foresight to record their experience, so check out the rather lengthy video above to see some of the locked content in action, or head on over to Inc Gamers for the full rundown of the bug.

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