Facebook logoIt is not that easy to remain safe online these days with so many threats hanging around, but that does not mean you are unable to do your bit in preventing any untoward incidents from happening. One of the stories that was circulating over the weekend was that of the Chrome Web Store falling victim to Brazilian whack jobs, where Facebook profiles were hijacked by Chrome extensions malware. It was Kaspersky Lab who discovered malware-laden Chrome extensions, not to mention a criminal gang that has released different versions of its malware in a cat and mouse game with Google.

The malware attacks will definitely catch the unsuspecting unawares, posing as suggestions to download Facebook apps. Those apps are obviously fake, being malware in essence, with one case being a malware-laden Chrome extension hosted in Google’s very own Chrome Web Store. According to Kaspersky, this attack has been largely confined to Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking nations, but you can never be too careful, no?

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