Everyone who uses a computer more or less know the world famous icon that makes up a folder on your hard drive. Yes, I am talking about that digital, pixelized image that stashes away different kinds of files. What happens if something in the digital world were to be replicated in the real world? ThinkGeek has just the tonic for those who want a real folder flash drive, offering the $14.99 Folderix Flash Drive that comes with 4GB of storage space. It is a shame that there are no other capacities to choose from, and I think that another strange decision would be to have the Folderix Flash Drive come in a choice of yellow, purple and blue shades. Naturally, we would want to stick to the original yellow, but if you figure out that having a blue or purple color on the Folderix Flash Drive would help you stand out from the rest of the crowd, go ahead and be my guest. In all probability, this will work along the USB 2.0 standard just fine, so do not expect it to offer USB 3.0 performance.

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