G-GOIf you have a penchant for spilling drinks on your speakers and are tired of having to replace them, you either a) change where you place them or b) get some waterproof resistant speakers. This is where the G-GO from Boombang (the company behind Soundfreaq speakers) comes in. Designed for folks who like their music with them everywhere – be it outdoors, in the shower, or next to the dinner table, these wireless speakers are completely portable and meant to travel.

The speakers are powered by AA batteries and provide up to 8 hours of playtime. Not to mention there’s no need to spend time recharging the speakers – just pop in a new set of batteries and you’re good to go. In fact, the G-GO can even be used to charge your mobile devices via USB if the need ever arises. The G-GO works over Bluetooth which means it can pretty much support every smartphone on the market today.

It is available now in three colors – black, white and metallic blue and will set you back $69.

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