Watches with built-in MP3 player capabilities aren’t new – in fact one could think of the iPod nano as a MP3 player with built-in watch capabilities, or vice versa depending on how you look at it. However if you’re looking for a watch with a unique look and design, then you might be interested in the Hi-Five LED watch concept by Lloyd from Australia who submitted his design to the folks at Tokyo Flash.


The concept behind this watch is to mimic the look of a turntable, with the LED lights not only used to tell the time, but have been designed and placed in such a way that it gives the illusion of light reflecting off the record’s grooves. The watch can be used to tell the date as well and at the same time double up as an MP3 player, although the specifics of the MP3 player function have yet to be detailed.

The watch is rechargeable via USB (connected to your computer) and will feature straps made from animal-friendly material, by that we’re assuming he means no leather/fur etc will be used. So, do you like what you see? Pop on over to Tokyo Flash for more information or to rate his design and to leave a comment.

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