There are plenty of keyboard cases out there for the iPad, but if you’re looking for one that will definitely draw attention to yourself along with some funny looks, then perhaps the iCog Hades keyboard case for the new iPad might be worth checking out, more so if you happen to be a fan of all things steampunk.

The keyboard case features a hand-rubbed English Walnut finish, pressure and temperature gauges (most likely there for decoration rather than actual use), solid brass bezels used for the individual keys, along with a spring-loaded trapdoor that should make inserting and removing the iPad a pretty easy affair.

If all of that sounds good, it should be noted that unfortunately due to the design of the iCog Hades, certain functionalities of the iPad would be lost. For starters the rear-facing camera is blocked, along with the lock and mute buttons, not to mention being made out of wood, copper, steel and brass makes the iCog Hades a pretty heavy keyboard case to be carrying around.

However if you think that this is too good to pass up on, head on over to Etsy where you will be able to order the iCog Hades keyboard case for a whopping $424.

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