Apple’s iOS 5.1, the latest update to what they call the most advanced mobile operating system, might come with its fair share of exciting features and functions, but that does not mean there are no niggling issues that accompany it as well. It seems that the battery power remaining is not reported accurately, and to back up that statement, a blogger on No Second Life (a Japanese blog), Takeshi Tachibana, performed an experiment which saw his iPhone 4S remain on for three hours with the new update sans any applications running. The battery remained at 100% after 180 minutes.

In another experiment, someone watched a video for around 90 minutes on the iPhone 4S with a 100% battery meter reading, only to see it drop to 93% after that. Of course, this joy was shortlived as the battery meter dipped to 50% in an instant after that, which means this could be an issue that affects the minority, or the iOS 5.1 update is not all that smooth sailing than originally thought. How about those of you who have already updated to iOS 5.1 – did you experience something similar?

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