Apple’s event which will be held in a few hours is expected to reveal the next-generation iPad, but what sort of features or upgrades will we be seeing? Well according to a recent speculation, it seems that on the software front, iPhoto is reportedly a pretty good candidate to be making an appearance on the tablet. 

Some are making the argument that according to the rumors that the iPad 3 will see an upgrade in processor and display, iPhoto making an appearance on the device is the next logical step, especially since the built-in Photos app doesn’t exactly have the same amount of flexibility of finesse compared to iPhoto, not to mention photo editing apps tend to have a bad habit of creating duplicate copies (one original, one edited), ultimately wasting space, a flaw that iPhoto will hopefully address.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball on the other hand feels that because iMovie and Garage Band have already made it onto the iPad, it would only make sense for Apple to eventually port over iPhoto as well. It certainly makes sense, but in order to avoid unnecessary disappointment, we suggest taking all of this with a grain of salt for now, and to keep your expectations to a minimum until the wraps have been taken off, which is in only a matter of hours.

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