JVC Kenwood is currently in the midst of developing an integrated surveillance camera system, which maps the locations of surveillance cameras in a 3D rendered plan of the building. By using the system, the user can have an overview of the entire area that is under surveillance. Users of the devices that do not have 3D rendering often had to have an image in their head as to which part of the building was being monitored based on the footage from the cameras along with possible written information but with this advanced system, the whole building will be made into a 3D render so you can choose exactly which part of the building you want to view or can use the touchpad to control several individual cameras.

A touch panel can be used to change the viewpoints in the graphics and also to operate the cameras. So when the user pans a camera, it will also pan in the 3D render to let the user know where they are looking at and also at what angle. All the controls for the interface can be used via a smooth touchpanel. The software requires a Windows 7 PC and a GPU that is capable of handling 3D rendering. Also, the user would have to install the VN-V685 IP camera. As for the 3D model of the building, JVC Kenwood designers will be able to handle it if they are given the building plans. While there is no release date for this system yet, JVC Kenwood plans to handle requests as they come in.

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