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Clearview AI Can Identify You With The Help Of Your Photo
Clearview AI is apparently a startup that helps identify people by simply having a snapshot of you (or your face – precisely).Even though this is being used by the Law Enforcement at certain places, this can be potentially a privacy threat.Of course, it will definitely help identify the criminals faster while utilizing technology. However, it looks like Clearview’s app might end up being accessible to almost everyone soon enough.As per […]

LG Rolling Bot Wants To Entertain Your Pets
Under the moto “Play”, LG has launched a series of really interesting companion devices along its LG G5 high-end phone. One of my favorites is the LG Rolling Bot, a spherical-shaped robot that can stay home and act as a surveillance robot, or “care” for your pets, according to LG.

D-Link Network Video Recorder DNR-312L
[CES 2014] With ever greater storage capacity at hand, the home and small business video recording market is growing steadily but remains largely untapped when compared to more established markets like routers or even network attached storage. The D-Link Network Video Recorder (NVR) DNR-312L has been designed to be relatively easy to setup since D-Link develops the IP (Internet Protocol) cameras and the video recorder itself.

JVC Kenwood Developing Touch-Based Surveillance Camera System Interface
JVC Kenwood is currently in the midst of developing an integrated surveillance camera system, which maps the locations of surveillance cameras in a 3D rendered plan of the building. By using the system, the user can have an overview of the entire area that is under surveillance. Users of the devices that do not have 3D rendering often had to have an image in their head as to which part […]


Samsung WiFi Camera for Surveillance
  Samsung announced its new WiFi camera at CES Unveiled. The Samsung WiFi camera can be used for surveillance or as a baby monitor. Samsung claims that the set up is super easy unlike other surveillance solutions, with only one push on the Wi-Fi (WPS) button on the device and router and it will be connected in under 30 seconds.Then, after registering your name, password and camera on the dedicated […]

Groundbot spherical surveillance robot does 3D broadcasts, too
When it comes to a nation’s security, the whole game changed when 9/11 happened – air travel became a whole lot more inconvenient, and there was this super long list of ‘Don’ts’ issued. It is nice to see technology work on the side of the law though, as it gives a sense of security and peace of mind. One of the more creative and newer methods of combating crime and […]

The Blackfish is a new remote controlled jet ski the Navy plans to add to their fleet
When it comes to protecting our shores, we have the Navy to thank for that, for being the first line of defense against any attacks from the sea. However as high-tech as our cruisers or submarines may be, there are times where lone divers or small watercrafts may very well escape detection which could spell trouble. Apparently this has been an issue the Navy has been facing up until now, […]

iVigilo turns your Mac computer into a security camera
Pretty much every laptop comes with a front facing camera these days, and while not everybody makes use of it for video calling, there are other ways to make use of the camera – namely as a surveillance devices. The folks over at Naboo have just announced the launch of iVigilo, and app that allows users to turn their Mac computers into security cameras. Through the use of an app […]

Japan's Flying Orb Can Slip Through Windows And Snap Pics
Police and military have been known to use robots with cameras attached to infiltrate dangerous locations, such as a hostage situation where they need to know how many hostages are being held captive along with the positions of the bad guys within the room. A bit bulky and perhaps not so agile but it does the job. Now those who have watched Minority Report probably remember those “spider bots” that […]

TiaLinx Cougar20-H is the ultimate surveillance bot
TiaLinx has a new security bot that is built to detect humans. It is lightweight, remote-controlled, and packed with the latest sensor technology that ensures nothing escapes it detection. It can detect human breathing and scan through walls with an ultra-wideband radio frequency sensor array. Developed with funding from the army, it can even scan through reinforced concrete by detecting reflected radio waves – people who are moving or keeping […]

Dropcam Echo Review
With the explosion of storage and bandwidth, web surveillance camera usage has grown at a fast pace. For years, webcams have been able to send snapshots of a subject that entered into a protected zone, and more recently, some could also capture video stored either locally or on a remote server. Often, sending photos and storing videos over FTP was inconvenient to setup and to manage. Dropcam has been built […]

Imaging System for Immersive Surveillance Sees 360 Degrees
With crime rates in many areas becoming a serious issue, it’s not surprising to see many folks investing in surveillance cameras. While that might be a good move, a common problem with normal surveillance cameras is that they have a limited viewing angle, and if you go for the fish-eye lens cameras, the picture is still distorted and can only provide a limited resolution. The Imaging System for Immersive Surveillance […]