Clearview AI is apparently a startup that helps identify people by simply having a snapshot of you (or your face – precisely).

Even though this is being used by the Law Enforcement at certain places, this can be potentially a privacy threat.

Of course, it will definitely help identify the criminals faster while utilizing technology. However, it looks like Clearview’s app might end up being accessible to almost everyone soon enough.

As per the report by CNET, the investors of Clearview and the police offers think that it could go public in the future.

So, if the app will be publicly available in the near future, theoretically, any stranger could know about you by just taking a photo of yours.

The app/service will potentially help stalkers and strangers to get hold of essential information about you without even having to ask you for it.

Technically, it scrapped off billions of images from Facebook, YouTube, Venmo, and other sites to utilize it as its own database. And, when there’s match for your face, it becomes easy to get your information.

It definitely helps catch the criminals by easily identifying but they should not plan to release it for public. Regulating the service’s usage to the officials might lower the risk but it is still a potential mass surveillance tool. What do you think?

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