When it comes to a nation’s security, the whole game changed when 9/11 happened – air travel became a whole lot more inconvenient, and there was this super long list of ‘Don’ts’ issued. It is nice to see technology work on the side of the law though, as it gives a sense of security and peace of mind. One of the more creative and newer methods of combating crime and potential terrorism would be to use the Groundbot spherical surveillance robot which hails from Sweden, where it can roll through mud, sand, snow, or heck, float on water if it need be – while using its pair of cameras to deliver its remote operator with a live live video feed – in stereoscopic 3D, no less.

One controls the Groundbot remotely or through a programmed autonomous GPS-based system, where the Groundbot works like your regular DSLR – you can opt to include a wide-angled camera (for 360-degree vision), or if the situation arises, use a night vision (IR) camera instead. Essentials such as a microphone and loudspeakers have been built in, in addition to sensors for radioactivity, gas, humidity, fire, heat, smoke, biological material, explosives, or narcotics.

Moving around at a top speed of 10 km/h (6 mph), the GroundBot can be said to be virtually inaudible, where knobby tire treads help it be ready for all-terrain operation.

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