When it comes to digital cameras, the world does not only revolve around Nikon and Canon, you know, as there are also a fair number of brands out there which are capable of delivering stunning photos as well when you talk about high end shooters. Well, Leica is one of those names, and theirs had always seemed to be set apart for those who have deeper pockets. The company recently sent out invitations for an event which will be held in Berlin this coming May 10th, mentioning, “Leica celebrates the essentials of photography! We invite you to exclusively experience a whole range of product launches in a culturally and photographically unique atmosphere on 10-11 May 2012 in Berlin…”

Some folks out there do speculate that the Leica M10 will be paraded at Photokina alongside a spanking new mirrorless camera system. After all, if history is of any indication, Leica’s M9 announcement on 09/09/09 might just mean that May 10th will translate to a Leica M10 announcement as well. I guess they might as well skip to the M12 and wait for 12/12/12, what do you think?

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