Normally, restaurants that serve wines have their own sommelier, so that diners who are less well informed will be able to know whether the kind of food that they have ordered will be able to go down well with certain wines. Well, since times are hard at the moment, it might be better to save costs by not hiring a sommelier – and letting a computer do the job for you instead. This table computer will be able to read a bar-code that is located at the bottom of the wine bottle, before retrieving information about that bottle from its database and showing it up on the table. This is made possible thanks to Microsoft’s Surface technology. It really depends on what kind of information concerning the wine will be displayed, as the restaurant owner is the one who needs to ensure as much information as possible is keyed in beforehand. Of course, basic information like taste, region the wine comes from as well as price will be displayed so that you do not get a bill shock at the end of the meal.

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